Friday, April 16, 2010


bismillah walhamdulillah..

already closed ms,fs n fb..fuu~ [blog still on 4 updating,insha Allah:)] any comunicate,update,discuss or else,kindly do contac my phone or leave offline msg at ym/mail me or just leave da msg on shoutbox..thanks!

just temporary,no worries ;)

sometimes.. silence is da best escape :)

ya Allah,give me strength n sakinah..

spirit0: lots of thanx to those who keep praying n supporting. may Allah bless~

:: shh,,silent mode activated ;) ::


Ibuhani said...

salam nabilah.....take care n be strong! I know you can! Nabilah BOLEH! :)

spirit0 said...

wsalam..insyaAllah,i will mcik.thanx lots! :)

cik may said...

erm.. sound weird~ semoga allah permudahkan yeh dearie!

melatidaisy said...

salam my dear bella..hurmm..really love ur pinky blog ^_^ .. take care ya~ send my regard 2 ur mom n dad =)

spirit0 said...

cik may:
no worries,not a BIG thing..maybe.huhu.wa3alaiki yusahhil aidhan,insyaAllah :)

wsalam.hehe.thanx to cik may jugak.sbb kte curik template lame dia.blaja2 jd ladies.heh ;p

cik may said...